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Analytical reasoning is the #3 most-needed hard skill in 2020, according to LinkedIn. Start paving the way to your future and boost your resume with in-demand data expertise.

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Product exams

Tableau Desktop Specialist

Prove your basic skills and product knowledge

Tableau Desktop Certified Associate

Prove your comprehensive skills and expertise

Tableau Desktop Certified Professional

Prove your advanced skills and expertise with visual best practices

Tableau Server Certified Associate

Prove your administrative skills and platform knowledge

Tableau Server Certified Professional

Prove your architectural knowledge and platform integration expertise

Partner exams

Tableau Certified Associate Consultant

For Tableau Partners only

Prove your knowledge of visual best practices and Tableau products

Tableau Certified Associate Architect

For Tableau Partners only

Prove your knowledge of Tableau platform implementation, best practices and maintenance

Benefits of certification

No matter where your career takes you, Tableau Certification will be relevant anywhere in any industry or role. Certification title holders all get access to the exclusive benefits shown below.

Specialist Associate Professional
Digital Badge to prove your skills
Recognition in Certification Directory
PDF eCertificate for download
Exclusive access to Certifiably Tableau swag
40% discount on renewal exam
Certifiably Tableau t-shirt

Get hired

Hiring managers look for the Tableau Certified stamp of approval. Hear from Cisco's Ken Patton on why Tableau Certification differentiates you from other candidates.

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Certification process

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In addition to real-life experience, prepare for exams with virtual or eLearning courses.

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