Human Resources Analytics

The market for top talent is always tight and people are your most valuable asset. Know what makes them tick with Tableau so you can hire, retain, and invest in the best. Visualize the relationship between productivity, hours, and tasks to optimize schedules and resources with precision. Identify and mitigate diversity challenges to ensure you’re audit-ready and understand and manage benefit utilization and employee wellness programs. Tableau brings together all types of human resources data in a sleek visual interface that drives insights to the surface.

Walmart: faster decisions with human resources analytics

Walmart’s global people analytics team, a division of human resources (HR), provides people analytics to leaders and project owners across the globe. Walmart shares how they have moved to storytelling with HR data by using Tableau in moving from simple Excel spreadsheets to rich visualizations that can be tweaked in real time, and shared easily.

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Presentation: HR Talent Dashboards at FEMSA: Enabling a Holistic Approach With Tableau Online

Managing talent in an organization of 250,000+ employees is a big challenge. Ensuring the right talent and solid succession plans are key for long-term success at a growing organization, particularly at FEMSA, which has a presence in 12 countries and is active in industries as complex as consumer products, retail, and logistics.

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We've seen a very diverse group across the entire functional area of Dell—HR, finance, operations, all of the functional areas. It has spanned the grade levels as well— from the analysts all the way up to the executive leadership.

Combining visual analysis with Compensation & Benefits data

How Dell HR leverages Tableau and Tableau Server for modeling and forecasting

Dell HR leverages Tableau and Tableau Server to perform routine reporting, advanced reporting, advanced analytics, and predictive modeling on a dynamic 150,000+ team member workforce. Learn how the techniques used to show reconciliation reporting, org hygiene, turnover, shoring, and costs, can be replicated quickly and easily at your enterprise.

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How HR is leading an analytic revolution at BAE Systems using Alteryx and Tableau

The BAE Systems Workforce Intelligence team within HR was tasked with creating dashboards to inform on the health of their workforce, conduct a flight risk analysis, create workflows for compliance, and much more. Learn how an HR team tackled their data preparation and enabled advanced analytics and is now revolutionizing analytics throughout BAE Systems.

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ExxonMobil: Building a culture of safety using Tableau

In order to achieve its workplace vision where 'nobody gets hurt' and support its efforts for continuous improvement to achieve its safety goals, ExxonMobil Corporate SSHE partnered with IT to develop a data warehouse to enable insightful analysis and self-discovery of SSHE (Safety, Security, Health, and Environment) data and trends.

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Tableau has allowed our People function to provide better and more relevant data, supporting decisions around our human capital. Our function provides consistent and relevant data, helping to drive our business forward.