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Arguably, more than any other department, IT knows the value of data and the value of being data-driven. IT systems collect and store data for the organisation, but you also use data every day to manage, monitor and maintain a multitude of platforms to support business needs, which creates the perfect opportunity to analyse this data with Tableau.

Tableau connects disparate sources of data to provide you with a complete picture of your business. The platform provides data access, data prep, analytics and API capabilities that are especially useful when aggregating multiple sources of data to centrally manage all your infrastructure, whether it exists in the cloud, in applications, in log files or in traditional databases. Tableau provides both choice and flexibility to leverage existing technology investments across your heterogeneous environment. See how Tableau enhances your business through IT analytics.

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IT departments are uniquely positioned to assume a leadership role by enabling their organisations to drive change with data. But first, you have to lay the foundation to curate, govern, secure and scale your data investments.

Explore Tableau’s Virtual IT Summit where you will have the opportunity to hear from analytics experts and explore the topics of interest to you at your own pace.

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Track tickets

Jumpstart your analysis with actionable data. In just a few clicks, you can connect to ServiceNow to better understand ownership, project status and opportunity for improvement. Interact with your dashboard to see the status of a case on any given day.

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Analyse cloud spend

Aggregate cloud billing data from multiple vendors into a single dashboard to better understand costs for your organisations and within departments.

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Monitor utilisation

It's important to know what systems are up – and if they’re nearing capacity – at any given moment. Data-driven alerts on Tableau Server notify you when your data is at a given threshold, allowing you to get ahead of system outages and minimise customer interruptions.

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Visualise your IT applications


Analyse incidents, requests and trends with a native connection to Tableau.

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Deploy across the enterprise

The decisions you make around governed self-service analytics reach beyond your department. You establish the technological framework that makes your entire organisation’s data analytics accessible, agile and trustworthy – without compromising security or governance.

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Webcast: The Home Depot: How we get IT done – with analytics

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Discovering IT Solutions with DATA

IT systems collect and store data for the organization, but you also use data every day to manage, monitor, and maintain a multitude of platforms to support business needs. In this webinar, you'll see how Tableau connects disparate IT sources of data to provide you with a complete picture of your business.


Optimizing your cloud investments with Tableau

Using Tableau to combine and visualize cloud data streamlines cost reporting and offers advanced analytics capabilities that enable efficient cloud management. AWS and Snowflake examples are cited, but techniques presented in this webcast are applicable across various cloud infrastructure and database services.

Building a culture of self-service analytics

Learn how to make data analytics a part of everyone's job at your company.

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Things like helpdesk usage statistics, user analytics from our web portal, an analysis of classroom usage and a look at a computer lab’s student use metrics to help decide a facilities question. You name it; we've written a Tableau report that pulls it in.